Smart Solutions
for Paperwork Problems

CQtracker is an easy-to-use tool for computers or mobile devices to eliminate paperwork headaches. A flexible permission feature allows varying access levels based on roles and responsibilities.

CQtracker addresses everyday business challenges from your phone wherever you are. CQtracker makes it easy!

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we all need reminders!

  • Track Certifications
    • Personnel
      • Safety
      • Professional
      • Training scheduling

  • Documentation
    • Upload and access certificates from anywhere

  • Expiry Notification
    • Adjustable lead time

  • Reporting
    • Match qualified personnel to job requirements
    • Find employees with a certain certification
    • Upcoming expiries

Virtual paperwork
without the hassle

  • Forms
    • Timesheets
    • Expense sheets (with uploaded receipts)
    • Job inventory
    • Safety
    • Field Level Hazard Assessments (FLHA)
    • Use our templates, or create your own custom forms
    • Built-in approval system
    • Track expenses and hours for multiple projects
    • Fill out forms on location

aren't just for books

  • Library at your fingertips
    • Safety manuals
    • Employee manuals
    • QA manuals
    • Procedures

Go anywhere

  • Mobile & tablet friendly
    • Does not store data on your device
    • Web-based application requires no installation
    • Latest version ensured at all times
    • Wi-Fi or data access
    • Data privacy on Canadian servers

So many benefits

  • Analyze data
    • Labour usage
    • Personnel work readiness
    • Assess job profitability

  • Audits
    • Proof of current certifications

  • Value
    • Reduce administration time
    • Decrease paper management
    • No more lost receipts
    • Organized documents reduce accounting costs
    • Increase efficiency
    • Good for any-sized company

Peace of mind
is this easy.
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